Monday, August 17, 2009

Watch Out World!!!

Okay, not even a real homemade breakfast! Frozen waffles and orange juice. They never knew the difference. Hee hee!!!

My Kindergarten kiddo!! He was so excited to get the school day started!

Compare his pics with last year! Too fun!

We drove to school . . . but still had to walk a quarter mile because parking was INSANE!! Hopefully all this early morning enthusiasm dies down a little in the next few days. Crazy!!

While walking, we had to go through the underpass tunnel near the school. We entered the tunnel and the kids immediately started talking loud to make echoes. Connor yells, "Kindergarten, here I come!!!". Where did he come from?!?! Jon and I looked at each other and laughed. NEITHER one of us would have been so vocal. EVER! We love him for sure!

Waiting for the door to open!

Anderson was not so sure about Connor being gone . . . and kept thinking of Connor throughout the day. We ate lunch with Grandma Hart and he decided to only eat half of his cookie and asked us to save the other half so he could give it to Connor. So sweet . . . but how long will that last?!?! We will see! He also kept thinking it must be time to go get him. The day must have seemed long to him!

Saying good-bye! I seriously would have been FINE if the teacher hadn't read this sweet story about the first day of Kindergarten where all the parents get all weepy. Argh! Well, at least I can blame it on her!! ;)

Anderson, Kyndall, and I then headed for for a quick juice and muffin pick-me-up at the BOO-HOO breakfast. I dried my eyes and then we ran back to the car so Anderson wouldn't be late for his class.

We signed up Anderson for a little computer class that he started today as well. We were going to start it later on a less hectic day, but then thought it would be good for him to have something to share about at dinner while we talked about school. Fun!

He did so great . . . we were a little concerned about whether or not he would get upset about being left. I honestly thought it was coming when we got out of the van. I told him he could eat the rest of his snack when I picked him up. He looked at me with HUGE eyes and said, "You are going to leave me there???" My heart sunk (had I really not made that perfectly clear?!?!?), but I recovered with a quick yes and kept getting Kyndall out of her carseat. Instead of starting a fit, he just said, "I will be really good!!!" Praise the Lord!!!! And, he WAS!

They played games and did lots of fun learning for their hour and a half! Yay!

A successful day!!! And, another milestone hit. Oh my!


Alli said...

I love that, "You're going to leave me here?" So cute! Genius work having both of them start something special on the same day, that for sure saved you some hurt feelings :) Great work Mama Amanda and Papa John!

Whitny said...

Oh it is so good to see your family. Love this blog thing.

Audrey said...

Your boys are so darling! I love how close they are - so neat!

Tina said...

All the kiddies are so cute! They are growing up so quickly!!! Please update soon and give them a hug from Auntie Tina! :D