Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cool Weather Adventures!

We spent Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday in the area around Payson. Our boys were true adventurers and little sister kept up with all the fun. We definitely made some great memories and have some new pictures for the frames around our house. Perfect!

Here is my top ten list of favorite things . . .

10. Picked berries at Kehl Springs.

9. Found Geodes near Clints Wells (and found a letterbox stamp).

8. Fed fish at the Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery.

7. Played in Tonto Creek (found stamp #2 and #3).

6. Hiked around Woods Canyon Lake.

5. Hiked the 260 Trailhead (got a stamp too).

4. Visited Paleo Ruins (found stamp #5).

3. Picnicked at Green Valley Park.

2. Hiked to Wild Bill's Spring in Pine (another stamp!).

1. Played at Fossil Creek.

Anderson . . . the one I had to promise that there were new shoes waiting for him at home before he would get into the creek with his tennies on. Our rule follower!

Connor . . . our daredevil.

Kyndall . . . the one that wouldn't wait for her swimsuit to get into the water. Ha!

What a great three days!!


The Zeller Family said...

wow!! what a busy fun three days!!

Alli said...

What lovely pictures and fun memories! Nice work Amanda - oh, and I'm sure you as a "rookie" mom will have no trouble with the tricky ins and outs of school days, you are obviously rocking this Mom thing :)

Jon said...

So glad we got away. I love you all and had so much fun! Let's do it again soon. :)