Saturday, August 1, 2009

Field Trip!

I am on a quest to finish checking off the things on my list for Summer 2009 Fun! Getting to Cabela's was a must, since we hadn't made it to the local store yet. I can't believe it has taken us so long to get there! I grew up with their catalogs around the house and spent lots of time looking at them with my dad . . . I think I was the go-to girl for his Christmas wish list from there and know that we all pitched in for several must-have items from Cabela's!

Well, we got to see it all in person this weekend and Papa Hart came to show us around. A perfect tour guide!

Checking out the fish in the aquarium . . . fun!

Virtual target practice. Oh my!

Hanging out in the dog house.

Bunkbed cots. Awesome!!!

Papa and a little sweet Kyndall Crockett!


The Saunders Family said...

I haven't seen your dad in years! How fun to see the pictures from your field trip. I love Cabella's!

Alli said...

I really need to take the kids there don't I? What a slacker I am. . . Your Dad looks just the same as I remember, he is such a nice man.

Jon said...

I gotta find more reasons to go there. It was so fun! Maybe I should watch "The Great Outdoors" to motivate me. Ha.