Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Preschool PRO!

It was Connor's first day of preschool! He had been looking forward to this morning for weeks. This past weekend he kept asking if it was Tuesday yet. So, this morning when he could see on our calendar that today was preschool, he had a great big smile! He did great!! Wish I could say the same for his mom. I saved face, for the most part, in front of him. But the drive back home was a disaster. Boo hoo! It almost felt tougher because he was so happy and acted so independent. Funny---it is what we wanted for him, but it also hurt my "mommy heart". Here are some pics from this morning.

All ready to go!

I know he is still little, but there are times when he seems so BIG.
This is one of them!

Getting settled with his teacher, Ms. Bobbi. She is so sweet!!

It seemed that Connor was thinking---

"Mom--are you really still here?!?! How many times do I have to tell you goodbye? I am fine. And, why are your eyes so red and shiny? You are ridiculous!!!"

One of Connor's first day projects. I was smart and didn't read it till I got home. Then I cried without embarassment. Ha! Pathetic, I know.


Joyce Hatch said...

How did in happen - where is that little toddler - when did he change to the little boy?
I have seen that grin before a long time ago. I am so glad I got to see it again!

Cry unashamedly as that is a priviledge of being a mother!

And definitely for grandmothers!
Grandma Hatch

Saunders Family said...

What a heart breaker he is!
I wish I could say it gets easier, but I would be telling a fib. Comfort yourself with the thought that you're raising a wonderfully well-adjusted boy.

Jon said...

I love it when Connor tells me all about preschool. He is so grown up and professional when he tells me what he did during his day. Yet then he jumps and yells "look at my stamp I got!" He is so fun... he is so Connor Jay.