Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little Campers . . . Lots O' Fun!

We spent two days with Dad at junior high camp! What a blast! We came home with fun memories, one bad scabbing boo-boo, and a bunch of dirty clothes.

Our favorite memories!
  • Our room was smaller than any room in our house . . . bathrooms included probably. We even had to move around furniture to get the pack-n-play to fit in the floor space. The bathroom was in a separate building a little walk away which presented it own challenges. However, when talking about it, the boys referred to it as our "cabin house" and used terms like "great", "awesome", and "so nice!". It just made me smile.
  • Connor and Anderson learned this funny imaginary blow dart game from the kids. Now, they expect me to play all the time. Really?!?! Dropping what I am doing and falling to the floor to wait for them to rescue me does not work in real life . . . only at camp. Sorry, boys! I told them that Dad would LOVE to play when he gets home. Ha ha ha!
  • A tarantula found in our cabin on Andy's and my bed . . . thankfully I am not scared of them, so I got him out and on his way okay. Although I was terrified to think that something may crawl on one of the babes through the night so I kept checking them with my flashlight and didn't sleep much.
  • Kyndall took a terrible tumble down a sloped gravely walkway. She did a face plant and seriously scraped up the left side of her sweet face. There was a collective gasp as a large group was heading to the dining hall and witnessed it. I don't know how it missed her eye because there were bad gashes all around it. Thankfully it has healed so well and quick!!! Yay! My pleading prayers were answered!!!
  • All the junior high kids played duck, duck, goose with Connor. Seriously, all of them! He had so much fun and seriously thinks he is faster than all of them since they never caught him. Gotta love it!
  • The boys got to ride a bus with Jon home from the lake . . . this may be the top event of their summer. They were so excited!!!! It cracked me up.
  • Kyndall was so wild that the kids and I had to leave the service when the speaker came out. Connor was so bummed because he wanted "to hear what the guy had to say about Jesus". Yes, my heart smiled!
  • But, my number one, was seeing Jon hanging out with the kids (the junior high ones and even ours) and doing what he does. I was so spoiled to be able to go to camp all the time with a school schedule before kids. So, to get these glimpses now is so sweet to me . . . and reminds me of what a great guy I have.

I would have pictures, but I left my memory card attached to my computer. Good thing I brought the camera and the battery charger! Ha! However, there are pics on Jon's site.

He comes home in just two more sleeps!!! Yay!

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