Friday, May 1, 2009

Technology . . . WOW!

I am sitting on my computer tracking Jon's flight back to Phoenix tonight. He has been gone since early Tuesday morning . . . and I am so excited that his plane seems to be on time to land in about an hour! Yay!

His plane is blipping (okay, I realize that may not be a real word) across the map and the computer is telling me the altitude and direction. He is apparently almost over El Paso. Isn't it amazing that all that info is available?!?! The plane seems to be slightly off course . . . maybe I should text the pilot and let him know he may need to correct that. Ha! I am easily thrilled, I know!

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Alli said...

It is amazing! He was sitting in a chair in the sky! How cool is that? Plus you get to track him! We sure are lucky to live in such a nifty time. I hope he had a good trip!