Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Birthday Girl!

We celebrated Kyndall's first birthday on Saturday with a "sweetheart" party! She was quite the party gal . . . she loved the people, the bubbles, the balls, the presents, and the cake! What a treat to celebrate all that she has brought to our family in the past year. What a sweet blessing she is . . . we are so thankful!

Watching Anderson make bubbles!

Playing in the pool of balls! So fun!

Girly presents! Something new at our house for sure!

Another AUNT JEN masterpiece! Beautiful and delicious!

She thought the cake was yummy!!! She started picking at it right away.

I love birthdays!!!


Kristen said...

She's adorable Amanda! Happy first birthday!

The Saunders Family said...

Sweetheart Party! What a cute idea! She looks very much the sweetheart on her special day. Love the cake too!

Alli said...

Shouldn't it be SweetHart? Ha-ha! She is darling! I love her face in that last picture :)