Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swing, Batter Batter!!

Connor and Anderson are on the same Tee Ball team. And . . . Jon is the coach! So fun for all my boys!!! Connor and Andy's ages are right for them to be on the same team this season and then they will have to be on separate teams for a year and a half or so. We are savoring this time with only one practice and one game time a week! I am sure this will not be the case for most of the sports that they will choose to play!

Despite Anderson's look here, he did great and had so much fun!! He was right in the action and had great hits. We weren't sure how the game would turn out for him since he spent the entire practice time watching from the van. Ha!

It is super fun that their buddy Gage is on the same team!! There could be a little trouble in the outfield with those three boys and their ideas! Watch out, Coach!

We can't wait for more fun this season!!

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