Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday's Family Fun

We took advantage of the free Friday night deal at the Children's Museum of Phoenix! What a blast! I had not been . . . Jon, my parents, and my sis took the kids last June on opening weekend, but I had to miss out. This place is SOOOOO AMANDA!!! Yay! Jon told the boys (with a hint of sarcasm) that they had just found Mom's favorite new place! Hmmm . . . YES! Oh! Objectives were running through my head all night---along with all the good math terms that I thought had possibly escaped my brain. I couldn't help but play and learn with the kiddos. We will definitely be going back soon . . . but since it is a little pricey, it may be on another first Friday! Join us!! Yay!

It was really busy . . . my pictures don't really show it. But, I loved the crowd. So many families focusing on spending time with their kids. Awesome!

A room just for building and exploring with PVC pipes and joints. How cool is that?!?! Andy built this awesome cube almost all by himself and Connor worked on a fort complete with a flag.

Here there were cars that were made out of roller blade wheels and PVC pipe (maybe there was some huge PVC pipe donation???). They have these ramps that the kids can race them down. Too fun.

More learning. Love it!!

The Noodle Forest! Seriously, this would be created in our playroom if Jon was given the budget and a free afternoon. He loves this thing! So do the kids. Okay, I do too!!!

Even Kyndall got to participate! She loved these little ramps for the golf balls. "Kyndall, can you say, angles? gravity? acceleration?" Okay . . . I didn't really. But I thought it for sure!!

It really is such a great place!!

We finished off the night by hitting the Krispy Kreme downtown. Seriously . . . I thought maybe CPS would haul off the kids of any kooky parents that would feed that kind of sugar to kids at 8:30 . . . almost 9:00pm. Oops. It was a fun end to a fun night though! And, I think the memory will stick (with a little help from that classic Krispy Kreme glaze. YUM!).

Yummy!!! Don't worry, Kyndall just had puffs and cracker bits. :)

Anderson wanted his picture taken like this. What a funny kid!! I love him!!


Alli said...

That looks like so much fun! You are such a great Mom, Jon's a pretty nifty Dad too :)

The Saunders Family said...

Cool field trip! That sounds super fun and educational. Is there an annual membership that might cut down on the costs of visiting? We did that with the AZ Science Museum and felt it was a good buy. I especially love the trip to Krispy Kreme afterward. I thought they had gone out of business!

Debbie'sDailyDose said...

Hey...I almost took my niece and nephews there that night, but I didn't work out. Also, I didn't know if you heard, but the public library has a new thing called the Culture Pass. You can probably type it in a search or go to a library website...anyway it is just like checking out a book, but instead it is for one of several places... Like the Science center, several museums and includes the Children's museum. It is good for 7 days and you get free admission for up to 4 people. I haven't checked one out yet, but I am thinking about looking into it. It is on a first come first served basis...Hope your next fun Friday is a great one :o)