Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Four Boys = FUN!

What fun it is that Connor and Anderson have cousins so close to their age! We were so lucky to get to have Jared and Tyler come over for some fun last weekend.

They played---upstairs, outside, in rooms, SO FUN! I loved hearing four little voices and all the little feet making noises up and down the stairs!!

We made a wind tent! I saw a friend post a picture of her boys in one last summer and knew it was PERFECT for our Hatch boys. It is now our favorite thing to make when friends come over.

Hide and seek!! It was Jon against all the boys. I really think the boys won! The only really good spot Jon had was perched up on our fence behind our tree. The people driving on the road behind us must have wondered what was going on! My favorite spot of the boys was in the recycling bin . . . good thing it was freshly emptied so there was room for all four of them! Too funny! Such creative and fun boys!

And, Anderson found his block buddy!

We can't wait to have them over again . . . SOON!!!

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