Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Hunts!

We had lots of fun hunting for eggs in the last week! Our playgroup had an egg hunt last Thursday. While Connor was at preschool hunting for his own eggs, Anderson and Kyndall got to hunt at the park. So fun and such BEAUTIFUL weather!

I begged Anderson to stop running around for a quick picture. What a sport to comply! Those eggs and that playground were pretty tempting!

My littlest HATCHlings!

Kyndall was tickled by the grass. So giggly!

We hunted for eggs in our backyard after church on Sunday morning. We would have to be up WAY too early to do it before Jon left . . . so the Easter bunny agreed to hiding the eggs while we were gone. Such a sweet bunny!

My Easter treats!

Cheesy!! They must want candy!

Kyndall found her bunny! Yay!

If only all the eggs had puffs in them! Yum! She was so excited to get her hands on them!
We had more hunts too! Both sets of grandparents hid sweet eggs and treats. Such lucky kids!! I, unfortunately, didn't take any pictures of it. I must have been too busy helping one of the kids. Oh well.

But, even better than dressing up a little girl in an Easter dress complete with a bow and sandals, was the fact that Connor and Anderson were excited to celebrate that Jesus is ALIVE! So sweet to hear them share the story of that first Easter and hear the excitement in their voice. They are eager to share all the details, with special emphasis on the exciting parts. What a blessing it was to listen to them!


Kristen said...

How wonderful Amanda! And "HATCHlings!?" Too cute!

Alli said...

Great pictures, isn't Easter the best?