Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So thankful!!

Our dinner time project this month was creating our thankful list. Last year we had to prompt the boys with things that they could be thankful for. This year, they ran the show. What fun for us! Connor started asking about what everyone was thankful for even as we were setting the table. I have to admit, that not everything made the list. Not so much that I was censoring it (well, maybe sometimes) but mostly because I got caught up in the conversation and by the time I had a chance to record what had been shared, my memory failed. Argh.

Some disclaimers and side notes . . . order does not matter. We really only added one thing a night. Some nights were skipped and some nights we added a couple more.

To read the list, you can click on the pics and they will get big! I finally figured out how to do this. It has taken me awhile to catch on. :)

I know that my drawings are amazing (ha!). But, it is the only way for the boys to be able to "read" the list. So, draw I must. I do think I may invest in those "people colored" markers next year. It may improve my stick people a bit. Maybe.

God is really not the last. He is the first, the middle, and the end. We just saved His spot at the bottom.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Dinah said...

You have a very nice family and yes, you have lots of reason to be thankful, same here ;-). Very nice blog.

Alli said...

What a great family tradition! Isn't it nice to think of all the blessings we have? Your drawings are excellent, I love the hair color on the people :)

The Saunders Family said...

I have to disagree Amanda. Your pictures are darling. I love your family tradition! I'm going to steal that idea for next year.

The Zeller Family said...

I love that Gracie even got her pony on the top of her head and such gorgeous blonde locks too!! :-)