Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ponderings . . . is that even a word?!?

As I was pouring little cups--our recycled Diego and Kung Fu Panda yogurt cups, mind you--of Goldfish for the boys, the thought crossed my mind that there may be a day when Goldfish crackers are for "babies" and the boys want nothing to do with them. My mind drifted for a moment and I thought of several more things that I may count as "annoying" somedays . . . and instead I should be treasuring.

Carrying Anderson! Andy often decides that his legs are REALLY REALLY REALLY hurting and needs to be carried. Yesterday it happened in the grocery store. I shrugged it off for awhile and he stayed in the plastic car at the front of the groceries. But his love bank must have been empty and he insisted on being held. So, I held him. I really don't know how I made it through Fry's pushing the awkward racecar cart of food with one hand, keeping track of Connor (yes, he needed out of the car now too), and making silly faces at Kyndall to keep her happy, all while hanging on to a limp 37 pound Anderson. Forget the grocery shopping. I must have been a sight. But, I know the day is coming that no one even wants to be at the grocery store with me and even the free cookies at the bakery won't help. Okay, I will treasure these moments and wink at my kids in the midst of it.

Buckling carseats. 3 of them. If everyone just sat down right away, very still, it may not be so challenging. But there are wiggles, lots of "help", and straps that are TOO tight even though they have not been adjusted since we were in the car last. And that is when everyone is in a good mood. Sometimes while I am buckling, we count or sing or play some sort of tickly game, and it makes the chore a little easier. In this carseat season, I think that I am going to be thankful that my kids are safely traveling to and from preschool, church, soccer, and the houses of friends in my backseat and I am the keeper of their schedule. I know it won't always be that way. Oh! I just remembered that one-two-buckle my shoe rhyme. I will have to use that next.

I am sure my Pollyanna game will need to continue. Right now, I am off to fill a sippie cup and check on someone who has been in the bathroom far too long.


The Saunders Family said...

Thanks for putting it into perspective Amanda. And good news - we STILL love fishies at our house, though we prefer the whales from Wal-mart.

Alli said...

So I guess I need to put a good spin on helping my kids with their reading and homework. . . someday their work will be too difficult for me to be able to help with :) But I do remember the sippy cup/car seat stage, this too shall pass. The kids and I watched Pollyanna a couple of months ago, they are always fascinated when I blubber over good books and movies :)