Monday, November 10, 2008

Celebrating SUPER ANDY!

Anderson loves all sorts of superheroes, and so we celebrated his 3rd birthday with a Superhero Party!

Here are some pics!

Before Jon's "Superhero Training Course". He is such a creative game-guy! I love it!!

Aunt Jen's cupcakes were amazing!! Anderson, however, was a little unsure about having all the eyes on him. Good thing he had a brother and cousins to help him blow out the candles since he wanted nothing to do with it. We are giving Andy more candle-blowing opportunities with the leftover cupcakes. All is good!

Connor kept saying---"Andy, what did WE get???" Argh.
Their first clue in their hunt for Doctor Octopus and the prizes he had taken hostage. I love watching the kiddos run from clue to clue! Treasure hunts have become a sort of a Hatch family tradition. The boys can't get enough of them. Neither can Jon and I. And, I am sure little Kyndall will join right in as soon as possible.
These are a "hit"! Gotta love his smile.

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Alli said...

What a great party! I guess you've taught them to share a little too well. . "What did WE get?" Awesome!