Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Festivities

The last couple weeks have been busy with fall fun! Below are some pics from all of it . . . time sure does fly!!

Harvest Party on October 24th

We had 58 people in attendance! Wow! However, that included 27 kiddos at least 6 of which can't walk yet. It is great to have so many friends all in the same stage of life . . . we all understand when someone has to run away from a conversation to help a kid. So great!
Carving Our Pumpkin

Jon cleaned it out and I carved the face on it . . . good teamwork. Anderson would not have anything to do with feeling the "googly gook" inside of the pumpkin. So funny! We thought he was just being difficult so Jon playfully grabbed his hand and stuck it in. Oh the TEARS!!! We may have scarred him for life . . . time will tell!

Trick or Treating

Halloween night we went to Uncle Eric and Aunt Kris' house for dinner and trick or treating fun. Jared and Tyler were so fun as Anakin (Jared) and Diego (Tyler)!! Silly me didn't take one picture of all the kids together . . . I think I was a little distracted by all the fun! I did capture a couple pics before we left. Notice Anderson's change of heart . . . he ditched the cowboy duds for the Buzz Lightyear costume. Oh well. I figure whatever is in the dress-up box is game. We had a happy kid and didn't spend any extra money. Good enough!

Kyndall turned 6 months old!! Wow! She is truly a happy and easy-going little gal. Her giggles make all of us smile. I have tried to get them on film, but everytime I get the camera out, she gets distracted. Hopefully I will catch her by surprise soon!

Anderson's third birthday was yesterday!! He got to spend some quality time with Dad in the morning eating pancakes at McDonald's. He came home all smiles with a special Batman action figure. What a proud little guy he was!! When we picked up Connor, he got stickers from Connor's teacher. All the special treats made the fact that he and I are fighting a cold a little better! Yea! We are celebrating tomorrow night with family and friends . . . FUN!


The Zeller Family said...

How is it that you have way better pictures of your three pumpkins together than I do of fair! :-)
Love the the smiles!

PS...will you tell your kids to stop growing up? I keep telling mine, but they aren't listening!!

Alli said...

Your kids are darling, I love their smiles :) It looks like you had lots of fun.