Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ready or not, here we come!

Friday is normally Jon's day off and our day for family fun. Yesterday we started with an early morning game of hide and seek! Such fun! Connor and Anderson are getting better at hiding . . . and staying in their spot long enough for someone to actually find them. Kyndall loves to be a part by tagging along with the seekers.

Jon and I love hiding the boys. They are just the right size to fit in all kinds of great places. And, if they are anything like their dad, they won't grow out of that anytime soon. We have found Jon cramed into the top shelf of a closet (yes, I would have liked to have a video of him getting in there), perched on a plant shelf, and curled up like a ball and looking like dirty laundry---so much so that it took over ten minutes to find him. So, thankfully, I think we have many more games of hide and seek in our future.

Here are some of our favorite spots during this round. I only wish you could hear the muffled giggles from the "hider", the squeals when the "seeker" gets startled, and those precious looks of anticipation when we reminded them to be quiet in their spot and when they began their hunt very cautiously not wanting to get scared. Oh, and the counting was funny too. My favorite number was eleven-teen. Not to mention the new order that Anderson gave to all the numbers over 15. Classic!! Such great laughs and memories.

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Saunders Family said...

Ha ha! I'm just picturing Jon crammed up in the closet. That's awesome! Do you remember our dog Buddy? Our whole family used to play hide and seek with him. He was always the seeker.

Joyce Hatch said...
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Joyce Hatch said...

Those boys are great hiders and seekers!
This also is such a life lesson - If we seek God - He will find us!

Jon said...

I love having fun with our family in all the little things we do. The little things then become big memories that will last forever! Lets keep it up teammate!