Sunday, August 3, 2008

Getting Big!

Kyndall is 3 months old! We had to make a cake and celebrate!!

It is a tradition that started with Connor. When he turned 3 months old, Jon and I finally felt like we were getting into a groove as parents! Ha! We continuted the tradition with Anderson. And, now it was time to celebrate our family adjustments once again . . . a family of five and we are starting to get the hang of juggling all three kiddos . . . on most days anyways!

The boys loved singing to her and, of course, eating the cake. What Hatch boy would turn down an opportunity to eat chocolate cake?!?! I haven't met one yet. I love celebrating milestones . . . and we have definitely hit another one!

Feeling blessed!!

1 comment:

Joyce said...

Where did the three months go?
Kyndall is as beautiful as her mother!
She is letting Connor know that the cake is hers!

Love you all - thanks for sharing this moment with us!
Grandma Hatch