Sunday, February 13, 2011


FIFTEEN Valentine's ago . . . I got this:

And, honestly, at the time I was confused. Shocked. DISAPPOINTED. But what display of love was I wanting? A card from Walgreens picked out in 2 minutes along with a pack of Trident??? Or a bunch a flowers that are overpriced and pathetic looking in two days??? Some ridiculous stuffed frog with a heart attached to his hands with a button to push in his foot??? Mylar balloons that NEVER sink to the ground??? A bunch of candy I couldn't eat???

I still have the heart man. I carefully accordian folded his arms and legs, secured them with paperclips, and placed him in my "special" box. He comes out once in awhile and was even the inspiration behind a Valentine's day cake a couple years ago. He is referred to as "Heart Man" in our house and comes up in random conversations. And even though I tease him about it relentlessly, it is my favorite.

He MADE it. He sat at the island at his Aunt's house and cut hearts out of construction paper for ME. And GLUED. And ACCORDIAN FOLDED PAPER ARMS AND LEGS!!! Swoon. Really, it should have made me sure that HE WAS THE ONE! Because he was. But, I do wish there was a video of him making it. Now that would be something else I would treasure.

You are the best, Jon Hatch. I am so very lucky! And, even today with a kid throwing up and both of us with colds, Valentine's day is the best with you.


Gina said...

I heart Mr. Heart-Man and the story!

Blessings upon you!


Alli said...

Awww! So cute. Isn't it funny how we get smarter as we grow up?

JeaneBee said...

What a sweet blog...a joy to read!