Saturday, February 19, 2011


We are in basketball season here. Two boys on one team. I LOVE IT! But, until today, Anderson has not.

Well, I take that back. He LOVES practice and the thought of basketball and playing in the backyard. But, games? Not so much. We have kept him in it mostly because it is such a non-threatening stage. No scores are kept and the coaches have been amazingly positive and encouraging. So we were figuring, it is safe torture, right?!?

First game, he sat most of it with me in the stands, whimpering, and a few moments with dad on the bench.

Second game, on the bench mostly and a few painful moments on the court with tears in his eyes while he shuffled (no running, no sir) around on the court and his arms "sort of" raised. Well, more like hands flexed into some sort of low jazz hand. My mom and I were giggling in the stands because he stood out like a sore thumb and yet was trying to "disappear". I felt so bad.

Third game was today. He had been randomly tearing up and telling us he didn't want to go to the game since Thursday. But, today he played! He ran! He smiled! He high-fived and HE SCORED! Two baskets. You really should have heard all the parents yell! They were so excited for him too. I am giving all the credit to Jon's pre-game talk in the garage before we drove to the community center. It must have been magical . . . because there was a MAJOR transformation in just a few short moments. I told Jon that he should have recorded it. I want to know what he said . . . and we could have sold it to coaches in the NBA. Really. It must have been that good. Because Anderson is a new kid.

Andy with hands up in the center!

Connor has loved the season! Well, I honestly can't think of something that Connor has not loved. Go figure! This is his first time playing basketball on a team though. He loves all the action and running down the court. We think the pace fits him. He is pretty intense and wants to be right where he is supposed to be. But, today he made it all about Andy. He even gave me a thumbs up sign several times when Andy was doing so well. And they elbowed and fist bumped each other on the "bench" (a.k.a. row of chairs) when Anderson came back from scoring. Yep, that redhead got a big squeeze from me when the game was over and I made sure I let him know that I saw his baskets too. But, boy was I proud of him for looking out for his little brother.

The bench. Jon and Andy are on the left and Connor is in the red shorts chillaxing.

It was a good day.


Eric said...

So, what did he say?!?! Don't hold out on me! Great job Connor and Anderson.

Tina said...

That is sooo awesome! Go, Andy and Connor!!!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO Connor!!!!

Asim Shahzad said...

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The Hatch Family said...

Although I know the last comment is spam . . . I may keep it. It just makes me giggle to be called a "dud". Ha ha ha. Oh, and it is intresting. Whatever that means! Ha again.

Alli said...

I think Asim is way off, you are not a dud :)