Saturday, July 11, 2009

The NEW Justice League!

If you hang around our boys for a little while, you would come to know that they have a super-hero obsession. Usually for the Marvel ones. In an instant, they could beam you with Cyclops' laser or grow imaginary claws and scratch you like Wolverine. I know far too much about super-heroes. More than I could have ever thought I would learn. Oh my!

Lately, however, we have moved over to the Justice League (not exclusively, but quite often). Today we had a Batman and a Superman . . . but they needed another sidekick.


But since the outfit of Wonder Woman is a little (or maybe A LOT) risque, we improvised.

Although, it is not perfect, it was a great improvement on the SuperCOW she had to be last time (Andy was a cow for his first Halloween, and they found the costume in Kyndall's closet. It fits Kyndall now . . . and she must ALWAYS be a superhero, so therefore, she was SuperCOW. Yes, they are really obsessed.).

She LOVED the boots! A great find in a hand-me-down box! All day she kept wanting them back on. Too fun!

Wonder Woman must keep Superman and Batman in check, right?!?! She has a light saber and a drum stick, and she is not afraid to use them!!!

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