Monday, November 15, 2010


What you might get if you have a kid who is super sweet . . .

(A purple flower in a brown pot that I got today.)

and funny . . .

A conversation at lunchtime recently:
Andy: Thanks for my green plate!
Me: It's not green, it is yellow.
Andy: Oh. I wanted green to match my peanut butter.
Kyndall: Peanut butter isn't green. It's brown. (In a "know-it-all" tone, of course)
Andy: Really, Mom?
Me: Yes, Andy. Sorry!

He laughed and we all got the giggles. It can't feel good to get corrected by your two-year old sister!

and crazy about making stuff . . .

(The model he was looking to copy last spring.)

(His version.)

yet seems to be colorblind.

I LOVE ANDY!!!!!!!!!!

But I am just not wanting him to pick out his own outfits anytime soon.


Alli said...

Those stripey stockings are awesome! Darn cute Amanda, darn cute.

Anonymous said...

He is so handsome. Boys tend to be colorblind more so than girls. My 20 yr old daughter tried to tell me something was red the other day when it was totally brown. Go figure?

Audrey said...

These stories made me giggle. What a fun kid!