Sunday, May 2, 2010



Kyndall's birthday post is coming soon . . . but this exciting event happened Saturday and I had to get the pics up. So excited for our big guy and his new skills and getting over the big crashes he had before! YAY!

I laughed because they wanted ALL their pads on . . . good thing! Only a couple spills though . . . and then, of course, I had him freeze so I could snap a pic. No blood, don't worry!! :)

Anderson had fun trying to keep up with the super-fast-pedaling-Connor!! My bet is that his training wheels will be off REALLY soon. That is how things work around here!!!

Kyndall pushed her trike around. She wanted to keep up with the action!

Anderson had a couple good crashes. And then Kyndall would copy him. Nice.

After all that pedaling, a celebration was in order . . . so we headed down the road to IN N OUT! Yummm!!


Alli said...

What an exciting milestone! Your kids are sooo cute :)

Jon said...

So proud of him and all our kids. Love doing this parenting thing with you!