Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Soccer Stars!!

We have been having such a fun season of soccer!!! The boys are on separate teams this time, but we have been so thankful for practices on the same night and and games within an hour of each other. YAY!

Connor has a fun group of boys to play with! And, it is amazing that he is one of THREE red-heads!!! So fun! Connor is really doing a great job staying right on top of the ball when he is playing offense and keeping a close watch while on defense. I don't think he loves playing goalie . . . too much down time! Who knows, though, he may surprise us because he has had some great blocks!!

Anderson is LOVING this season. He has really figured out the game and is having fun making a ton of goals and cheering when his teammates score too.

This is my favorite picture of the season so far!!! Hands up and SO HAPPY! LOVE his excitement!

Oh, and they have a pretty sweet cheerleader too. Yelling for her brothers as long as the snacks keep on coming.

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