Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The kids love dressing up . . . maybe a little more than is normal. But can I blame them?!?! Sometimes even I would like to put on some different clothes and be someone different for a day . . . especially someone with SUPER powers! :)

Connor would wear practically any costume any day---so picking a costume for Halloween is easy!! But Anderson is way more picky. He had to have the JUST RIGHT idea. It took him weeks to decide. It was painful. Seriously. He finally decided on Robin . . . and so Connor was more than thrilled to take on the role of Batman! Not to be left out, we put together a SUPER KYNDALL outfit for little sister. She really was her own type of super gal the whole night. The costume fit her perfectly!

On the hayride at our church Fall Fun Fest! Anderson is next to his sweet friend, Sadie . . . aka Minnie Mouse.

My enthusiastic BATMAN!

Super Kyndall must somehow get her SUPER-SPEED from collecting rocks. She picked them up everywhere ALL NIGHT LONG!

Super Kyndall chasing after Papa while trick-or-treating later on. We have a fun tradition with my family . . . yummy chili, fun cousin time, and trick-or-treating around my brother's neighborhood. It is a highlight!

Kyndall was very persistent. Even when the boys would give up and think no one was home, she would keep on knocking! It paid off a couple times . . . and of course they gave out big handfuls of candy to little girls too small to eat any of it . . . such torture for the parents! Yikes!

Luke Skywalker, Batman, Robin, Pirate Tyler, and Super Kyndall!!

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Alli said...

I'm beginning to thing that tutu is a dress up favorite at your house :) She is too cute Amanda! Your boys are pretty darling too.