Monday, November 9, 2009

My heart is blowing BUBBLES!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of Connor and Jon when Connor was 5 months old.

Here is a picture of them last night . . . almost EXACTLY five years later!!!!!

These are super simple books, but he is really really reading them! I think the most wonderful thing for me is that he LOVES it! We have a bunch of sight words we practice at home and he found them in the books and was so proud. Some of his sounding out is funny . . . like becomes lick, happy turned into hoopy, and others kept us smiling too. We are loving this new stage!


Audrey said...

Awwww. Reading with your kids is the best! We still do it at our house.

Alli said...

So sweet! Isn't it amazing how fast they learn? Brains are awesome.