Friday, June 19, 2009

June loving!

There has been a lot of loving at our house . . . and some that I managed to catch with my camera! Yay! I love capturing sweet moments . . . they get me through the "not so sweet" ones that seem to happen just as often. Oh my.

VBS (Vacation Bible School) love! The boys LOVED their classes at VBS. Connor was with the Kindergarten kids and part of the main group this year. Anderson loved his preschool class . . . especially because he got to hang out with his cousin Tyler! FUN!

Connor pushing Kyndall at the Children's museum. She was so happy, and Connor stuck with it for quite awhile since he knew she was having so much fun. Love it!

Anderson and Kyndall in the back of a "rick shaw". Cousin Jared somehow got the unfortunate job of pedaling. Aren't they funny snugglers?

A bedtime hug from Kyndall. Those are so sweet . . . and really tight too!

Book love! Kyndall LOVES books! I guess she is with the right family! Yay! She will bring a book to be read to anyone she thinks will read it to her. This day she found Connor. What a sport!

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