Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun in Flagstaff!!

Jon was with the high schoolers in Flagstaff this weekend for a conference. The kiddos and I went up on Saturday to join in on the fun!! Yea!

We bowled . . .

(Check out Anderson's sweet shoes!! He loved them. So funny!!!)

Played in the snow . . .

And, we hung out with the high school kids. They were so fun!! The boys were thrilled to play football with them, practice Kung Fu, and "hang out" as Connor called it.

Jon helped with the conference along with his friend Karl. Now that we are home, the boys have both found microphones and love pretending to be Daddy and Karl. So funny! They ask everyone questions, play games, find volunteers, and crack jokes. Oh my! Jon better watch out . . . he may have two eager helpers next time!

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The Saunders Family said...

Too fun! What did the kids think about the snow? I would love to see John in action with those teenagers. I bet they love him.