Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Catch-up!

Oh my! The end of December was full---sickies, celebrations, more sickies, and (despite the less-than-ideal health) lots of fun!

Connor ended up with infections in both ears, Anderson had pneumonia, and Kyndall had one ear infection. The counters were cluttered with medicines and we were house-bound right up until Christmas. Honestly, though, Jon's stocking was what suffered the most. Thankfully he is very forgiving and I have been able to gather up a couple of the items that I meant to stuff inside his stocking and have surprised him with them in the past week!

Here are some pics to show how we ended up celebrating on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!

We got out of the house to go to Christmas Eve service! Yea!
Kyndall did have tights on and cute black shoes, yada yada . . .
we were past that at this point! Ha!

The first clue in the Hatch Family Christmas Eve Treasure Hunt! They actually get sad when they find the presents since that means no more clues. So funny!

Treasure found!! Connor could "read" the names on the packages this year!! That was exciting for me! I think they are going to catch on to the pattern of what is inside . . . PJ's and books.

How long will I get the boys to dress in cute Christmas pajamas??? My bribes may have to get REALLY good pretty soon!

Breathing treatments and Christmas stories . . . hopefully they won't always go together!!

Chrismas morning!! Santa brought superheroes!! He knows just what characters the boys wanted. They wanted to open them up instead of open more presents. Go figure!

They were all curious about Kyndall's presents. Such sweet brothers!

A book from Daddy! It is perfect!!! It captured our struggle for Kyndall nicknames! (We called her Bubba, Buddy, and all sorts of boy terms when she first arrived. Old habits die hard!)

The boys' BIG surprise!! Such fun. They had to go out in the rain to see it. The pictures were taken a couple days later. Thanks to Papa and Adam for making it possible!!!! They are excited to work on it and finish it up. They have already talked about painting . . . oh dear.

The rest of the day was full of spoiling by grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles. They are blessed to have so many special people who love them.

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Alli said...

Those PJ's are adorable! I hope everyone is recovered, this is a great time of year for sharing germs :) I love the pics, your family is darling!