Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The "story" continued . . .

Well, today someone may have asked what Anderson's story was . . . but not meant it in the same way. Argh.

Apparently, he was "delightful" during his Bible class this morning according to his teacher. But immediately afterward had a change of heart. He wanted to be held. Unfortunately, I had Kyndall in my arms since she was too grumpy and sleepy for her carseat. Along with her I had her "bucket" seat, diaper bag, my purse, Bible, and the crafts and papers from Connor and Andy's class. Holding him wasn't an option. So he proceeded to have a fit---falling to the ground, begging while holding onto my feet, refusing to get in the car, and screaming nasty words while we were driving home (yes, "stupid" is considered evil in our house). Needless to say, it was a tough day.

Two year olds! Gotta love them!! Good thing for Anderson that I truly do.


Jon said...

I love you for being a mom to our kids in every situation. I think the Hatch stubbornness got the best of him today. :)

Ryan, Alli & Crew said...

Isn't it amazing how they can have such completely different personalities at times? I'm pretty sure they are testing us, but yes, we do love them no matter how they behave. I'm sure you handled it with grace and composure.

Joyce Hatch said...

Isn't that just like us!
I want it now, my way, now, my time now!

Patience - such a hard lesson to learn, I still haven't caught on to it and I am fifty years old than Anderson. I guess even at 52 we have those two year old fits.

So glad he has you to love him thru it.