Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bat fanatics!

Last week I pulled out the bat unit I created when I was teaching and Connor and Anderson and I have been working on it. I guess in a way it is my attempt to justify the two huge cabinets of school stuff I have sitting in my garage.

However, the boys have been loving it! They know more about bats than really necessary---especially the stuff about the "guano". We have read books and sequenced a story, made a chart, and watched a couple of videos. There has been more "squeaking" around our house than really necessary, but all in the name of learning!

To entertain us parents, Jon and I scared them with a HUGE bat that we hung over one of the doorways in our house after they went to bed. I had picked it up one year really cheap after Halloween and stuck it in my file unused. We laughed the whole time we assembled it thinking about what Connor and Andy's reaction would be in the morning. Their faces met our expectations! So funny!

We topped it off on Monday night with a trip to watch the bats emerge from their roost near the Biltmore area in Phoenix. So fun!

Worth the wait . . . and the crazy looks I got from my family while they wondered if the bats were really going to show up. They did! It just took them a little bit after sunset. I guess they were sleeping in a little.


Ryan, Alli & Crew said...

How fun! Bat guano is really useful stuff, isn't it? I didn't know there were bats at the Biltmore, we'll have to go there sometime.

Ryan, Alli & Crew said...

Hey, P.S. My great grandmother was a Hatch and I've got my Hatch ancestor line going back a crazy 22 generations to Jefferye De Hatch b. about 1200 ad. I was curious to see if Jon's knows his genealogy? We can see if we're related :) I'm kind of geeky about that kind of thing (I get it from my Mom).

The Saunders Family said...

I've got Hatch ancestors too! Amanda, you are such a fun mommy. Now I want to steal those bat lesson plans from you...