Monday, August 15, 2011


Another first day. Seriously! There has been some sort of milestone each year for the past four years.

2008: Connor's first day of preschool
2009: Connor's first day of Kindergarten
2010: Anderson's first day of preschool, Connor's first day of 1st grade
2011: Anderson's first day of Kindergarten, Connor's first day of 2nd grade

At this rate, I won't get to have a first day without tears until 2014. At that point Connor will be in 5th grade, Anderson in 3rd grade, and Kyndall will be in 1st grade and this will all just be normal. Boo hoo!!! And then I will cry because of that too.

Today was a great day. At least to some degree. I think. Here is the rundown.

Here is Connor's recap of second grade . . . which I of course got in pieces.

He doesn't sit by anyone he knows and most of his buddies are in other classes.
Didn't understand the work they did today (as we could tell from his paper he brought home).
Got walked in on in the bathroom. Nice.
Had to throw away his M&M's and Cheez-Its I put in his lunch because he got nervous and ran out of time in the cafeteria.
His stomach felt upset all day.

But, when I told him that he needed to watch his tummy this evening to make sure it felt better, he was upset since he didn't want to miss the second day of school because school is so great! Huh?!?! He continues to claim that it was a GREAT day! I don't have the heart to burst his bubble . . . but really?!?!

Here is Anderson's recap of Kindergarten.

They read one of his favorite stories (How Do Dinosaurs Go To School).
He has his three best buddies in class with him.
He only goes to school for 2 hours and 45 minutes. It felt like a "flash" according to him.
He found two more favorite books in the class library.
He LOVES stations.
His teacher is "SOOO nice".

But, this evening he announced that he wasn't sure if he wanted to go back tomorrow because he is just too tired from Kindergarten. Huh?!?!

Let's just say it. My boys are so DIFFERENT. And yet, they balance each other out perfectly. So thankful they have each other. It IS going to be a GREAT year . . . I just know it!

Oh . . . and can someone notice how appropriate Anderson's shirt is?!?! I mean . . . does anyone else think it is just perfect for my Kindergartener?


Alli said...

Rookie. Cute! Just so you know, my fifth grader had a few tears about going to school this year so there's no guarantee you'll be in the clear in 2014 :)

Also, your kids are too adorable.

Tina said...

AWWW! so cute. those boys, they are too much!!!! dear friend, i think they have classic oldest and middle child characteristics. i love it!

Melanie said...

Love everything about all of those kids!


tasymac mark said...

ur kids are so sweet....

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