Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Connor had a student-led conference this past week. It made me so proud. This is the kid that really NEVER loved his mom's "learning stuff" as he would call it during preschool days. The kid that I worried about sitting through a school day. But I prayed . . . a lot. And I think that some Grandmas prayed too.

He is an amazing reader.

Has fun in the classroom and out.

Loves to write. (This was his presidential campaign poster and persuasive campaign speech.)

And . . . he wrote in his conference reflection that MATH was his favorite subject. Be still my beating HEART!!! That statement alone could have earned his ticket to Circle K to get a reward slush. Genius move.

I realize this is just first grade . . . but it is nice to have a great start to a long road of school.