Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our EXTENDED Family!

This summer, our family decided to sponsor a child in India at Hope Academy through NEED, Inc. Our church is involved with this school which is located in one of the poorest areas of India.

When we first made our request, we looked at the available students and found one to "fit" us. We really wanted a boy for Connor and Anderson . . . and one close to their age. So we chose one on the list. Later we found out that he had already been sponsored and were asked if we could be assigned another kid. When the information arrived for our child, we found out that his birthday is just 12 days before Connor's! How perfect!!!

So, since July, we have talked about and prayed for this sweet kid. But recently, a team from our church went to the school and we now have REAL (not just the token mugshot) pictures and sweet stories about him. Our dear friends who went on the trip say that little Akash would just FIT PERFECTLY with our family. Isn't that so cool?!?! They actually said that he reminds them a lot of Connor. We are thrilled to have this glimpse so that it makes our sponsorship even more meaningful!!!

Akash is the boy in black that is looking toward the camera.

Here he is getting his Christmas present with a member of our church's team. Doesn't he look great in his new uniform?!?!

It really is amazing what can be done for these kids with a small donation each month.

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Alli said...

How did I miss seeing this until now? I was just wondering what's up with Amanda so I came to see your blog and I hadn't seen this one yet. That is one cute kid, what a wonderful thing for your family to do. You go girl!