Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mean . . . just plain mean.

It is Kindergarten registration week here. Oh my! I took Connor yesterday to pick up the packet. Inside was a cute little badge which he LOVES and I HATE! Click on the picture to be able to read it.

I told the secretary that giving that to us was a little cruel. Harsh reality!!!

On the sweet side, Connor is SOOOOOOOO excited. He would go right now. I, however, am going to enjoy these months before REAL school starts. Hmmmm. We definitely need to do more finger painting, park trips, and days of making forts.


The Saunders Family said...

Hang in there Mommy! You've got a full summer ahead of you and a beautiful park down the street. It sounds like you'll have lots of good times before D-Day (drop off day). Will he be in 1/2 day or full?

Alli said...

That badge is awesome! 2022. No way I'll live 'till then! We aren't getting old, are we Amanda? These gray hairs of mine are just fakers, Ryan must paint them at night while I sleep. . .