Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Night O' Fun!

We needed a fun night out . . . and I had just the coupon for it! Yay! I love it when that happens. The Peter Piper Pizza opened last weekend just south of Anthem (and why didn't we think of this HUGE business opportunity!?!?). So, the booths were still pretty, the games virtually germ-free, and all employees were on their best behavior. SO FUN!!!

The kids had a blast . . . the parents too!!

Waiting for the fun to start!

Yummy! Anderson loves pizza!

Connor doesn't. He actually begs for everyones leftover crust. Too funny.

Kyndall sticks her tongue out for every bite. So silly!

She loved the little rides!! The boys rode the mini-carousel with her. Such sports!

Although she loved being on the rides, she held onto the sides the whole time! We had to pull her little hands off when it was time to get down. The tears!!!

A favorite! What makes this so fun?!? Is it the game or the chance for little red tickets??? Who knows . . . but I still love to play them!!

I see a future in skee ball!


Alli said...

Yeah! I love your posts, you have the most adorable family, all that cute red hair! It looks like a fun time was had by all. Kyndall's blue eyes are so beautiful :)

The Saunders Family said...

Too fun! We used to hit the Chuck E. Cheese ourselves. The kids loved to play video games and I appreciated the security at the door. The salad bar wasn't too bad either.